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New additon to the team......Maximus....." Max".

A two and half year old Golden and Steppes Eagle (cross breed.)

Training in progress. He has been handled, but alot to be done.

All positive so far, picked up at a very fat weight (so doesn't need me) weight coming down so less strain on my arm and get him responding and flying. Steady good progress being made. New jesses and anklets, coped beak and hood work, box work for travelling and step ups all good. Need hops and short flights soon      


End of March 2017

After getting to respond 25 metres whilst bringing his weight down, with the changes in the weather temperatures have now put him down to moult. He has some very ugly feathers that need to be replaced through moulting. Handling and hooded continues and alot calmer

on glove,

a special bond

being made here.

Exciting times

ahead for us.

Handling well on

Experience Days


max2 Max march 2017